MANÉR was created by three friends with a shared idea the of creating products that combine design with high expectations in quality in terms of both production and the materials used in the process. From the very start we have believed that these products should be produced in limited numbers and entirely in our factory in Malmö. Through this method we aim to do our best to produce in the most sustainable ways as possible without keeping stock. We don´t belive that warehousing is the right way to go, if we as a brand want to reduce the overconsumption behavoir that the industry has taken us to today. We would love to try to maintain as sustainable as we could in every aspect of production and consumption - and we love to create handcrafted products in our factory for our customers, made to order, from design to finsihed product. 


Made to Order

To maintain our main aspects aboute sustainability we therefore only produce our products when the order is placed. When the order is placed our tailors take good care of the fabric and produce the item/items in our factory in Malmö - Sweden. All products is made by hand in our factory and the production and delivery time is therefore set up to three weeks after the order is placed. We belive that handcrafted production made by tailors is something beautiful and something that needs time, so that we can ensure that the feeling of good quality is evident to all our customers. The deliverytime is therefor set up to three weeks after the order is placed.  



We believe in transparency, local production and sustainability. Immediate face to face communication, reliability in experienced craftsmanship make us feel proud of what we do. We pay utmost care in hand-selecting premium fabrics from weavers with a long standing tradition and well-known reputation. This define the quality of our collections.

This mix of our own designs, sourcing of quality materials and unique craftsmanship is essential to giving each item a distinct and original look, feel and functionality to last longer. // Jama founder of MANÉR