Our filosofi is that clothes should be produced in limited numbers to reduce the overconsumption that the industry has brought us to today, and that the industry can ensure that the people behind the production really achieve good working conditions. We therefore do our best to produce in the most sustainable way as possible without keeping stock, and we love to try to maintain this in all aspects of production and at the same time ensure good working conditions for our employees / colleagues.


In order to maintain our main aspect of sustainability, we have chosen to maintain our entire production in-house in our factory in Malmö Sweden. In this way, we can control our entire production from idea to finished product, and at the same time ensure that our employees / colleagues achieve good working conditions according to Swedish law.


Our main point of being a brand that maintains itself as sustainible as possible, is what defines us all the way from production to when our products find a new owner. Its importent for us that the chain around consumption doesent need to be about consuming more. We want to slow down our consumer behaviour and try to make our customers understand that insted of buying a new pair of trousers, you could repare the old ones. In this way, we could be involved and try to influence the customers to rethink, and instead choose a more sustainable way and which is to repair instead of buying new.


To try to maintain our main aspects about sustainability and strive for a more sustainable way towards our consumption behaviours, we believe that something needs to be done. We therefore only produce our products when the order is placed. When the order is placed our tailors take good care of the fabric and produce the item/items in our factory in Malmö - Sweden. All products is made by hand in our factory and the production and delivery time is therefore set up to three weeks after the order is placed. We believe that handcrafted production made by tailors is something beautiful and something that takes time, so that we can ensure that the feeling of good quality is evident to all our customers. The delivery time is therefor set up to three weeks after the order is placed. (read more - production & delivery)

We today work with premium fabrics from weavers with a long standing tradition and well-known reputation. Its the mix of our own designs, sourcing of quality materials and unique craftsmanship and together with all the amazing people we have around us, that defines us as a brand. We are nothing without the MANÉR family, and love the meeting with new one